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    Section Access: advanced setup & remarks

          Good day,


      We're experimenting with Section Access.
      I've encoutered some issues for which i'm not certain if i made a mistake or it's simply how QV works:


      - Applying a non-existing filter on a field


      For example:

      3 users, each with section access on region


      userID1, ASIA

      userID2, ASI

      userID3, AS



      If region AS doesn't exist any more, userID3 will be able to see both region ASIA an ASI

      Will result in no filter at all for this userID3 (if no other filter is applied for the same use).

      Is there a fix for this? If the filter doesn't exist, the used should not be able to see anything.


      - Applying no filter for user

      Will result in user being able to see all regions

      The goal is to prevent users not mentioned in section access to open/use the document.

      Is there a solution to prevent this?


      - Applying a blank filter for user



      userID1, ASIA


      userID3, AS


      Will result in userID2 being able to see all regions.

      (* signifies 'all listed values' in section access instead of 'all possible values' as in regular expr.)


      - Complex filters

      Say there are 2 fields Region & Country

      Some users should have auth based on region, other on country.

      I found an old post how to handle this.

      Is there a more straightforward setup possible in QV11 ?


      Thanks in advance,