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    Data Google Analytics in Qlikview through QV Source. Week issue?

    Leona Schaaf

      Hi all,


      I'm quite new to Qlikview (been using it for about one month now, haven't had any training yet). Been trying to connect Google Analytics data to Qlikview through QV Source which works reasonably o.k.  But since I'm trying to create a dashboard per week (Monday to Sunday) I'm experiencing some issues. Hope somebody can help me with that.


      What I would like to see is a dashboard per week (Monday-Sunday) with this data:

      - Unique visitors

      - Visits

      - Bounces

      - NewVisits

      - Pageviews


      But, as we all know the data in Google Analytics is based on Sunday to Saturday weeks. This creates a problem when I try to use weeknumbers. Unique dates is not an option because then I don't see the unique visitors on a weekly level (can't just sum the day values)


      Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks!.