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    SalesForce connector account gets locked

      Hi all,


      We are using the Qlikview SalesForce Connector 11.0 (SalesForceDLL.dll v. 11.0.10017.0) and our problem is that it seems to lock our the account we use to log in.


      When executed manually it works fine most of the time. Sometimes if we have been doing development during the day it has been locked, but that could simply be because of duplicate logins or excessive logins. The real problem is our scheduled execution in the morning hours that *almost* all of the time ends up with the following error:


      25.2.2014 6:05:12: 0099    CUSTOM CONNECT*Provider*SalesForceDLL.dll*XUserId*XPassword*

      25.2.2014 6:05:14:         Error: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.


      I say "almost always" as every now and then it works OK. So far we have checked the following:


      - The account used to execute the scheduled load is the same that we use to log on to the server manually, so we believe that rights on our server should not be the problem.

      - After unlocking the account the task will run without problems and we never need to touch the connection string.

      - We do not have restrictions in SalesForce for login time and we have also added the servers public IP to the range of trusted addresses.

      - The problem started with an older version of the connector running in 32-bit mode, but upgrading to 64-bit version 11 didn't help.

      - We raised a support request with SalesForce, but they simply washerd their hands and told us to contact Qliktech that provides the connector. I still suspect that they could investigate their logs better, but at the moment I don't have enough information on the error to attack them. The log doesn't really help me in telling why this is happening.


      I have tried searching the community for similar problems, but so far I have drawn a blank. I am wondering if anyone has seen the same behaviour?


      Kind regards,