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    User Login, Expiry Date, Limitation.



      I have a qvw file which i want to sell to my customers, which does not require qlikview server use.


      But I don't want them to copy and distribute it without my permission.


      My questions are:


      1.  When I open the document itself can i make it ask the user to log in with username and password. If Yes How?


      2. Can I make the document itself run only in a specific computer. If Yes How?


      3/ Can I make the file expire in a specific date? If Yes How?


      Thank You.

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          Michael Solomovich



          First of all, to open QV document without server, the users need licensed QV Desktop.

          Now, your questions:

          1. Yes - add Section Access into your application.  The is enough info about it in Help, and a lot on forum, for example http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-1853

          2. It can run on computers with licensed QV Desktop.  An option - you can use serial number of the license in Section Access, so only if user has license with this number, he can open the app.  In this case there is no user login, and no need for it.  Chose one or the other.

          3. Just an idea for you to try.  Create a macro which compares current date with a hardcoded expiration date, and closes application if the current date is > than expiration.  Assign this macro on OnOpen event.  Make sure users do not have access to the macro module so they can't modify the macro.  If you try - let me know if it works




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              Michael Solomovich

              I tried #3.


              sub ExpirationTest

              if ActiveDocument.Evaluate("today() - makedate(2014,2,20)") > 0 then   ' expiration date Feb 20, 2014
                msgbox "Expired - closing app"                                                        ' or whatever text you want here, if any
              end if

              end sub


              It works.  Only I applied this macro to a text box rather than to OnOpen event, otherwise I'd lock out myself from the application

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              Thank you guys for you help.


              After I understood I need to make section access table, I understand that I can have few options:


              1. InLine Table.

              2. Excel and Such Table

              3. Url.


              Now, If I want to use option 3, how does it work. I mean what do I publish on the web that can be read with qlikview.

              And If I update the table on the web, how does qlikview knows about the changes?

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                  Michael Solomovich

                  I doesn't matter for your purpose how exactly you implement your Section Access.  You have to consider other aspects, but they are not relevant to your questions.

                  The #3:

                  There nothing additional to publish except your QV application.  The application should have macro module with a macro I suggested earlier.  The macro should be triggered by OnOpen event.

                  Note: I think this macro doesn't work in AJAX client, so you have to allow only IE Plugin.  Not a very reliable restriction