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    max memory section on qv11

    Alessandro Bettica

      Hi guys, iv'e got a big problem after upgrading my qv server from 9 to 11.

      In qv9 version i was able to set a parameter(on perfomance tab) in section "max memory", looks like image qv9.jpg.

      In qv11 this section not exists and i can't change parameter EXPORT (looks image qv11.jpg).


      By using this parameter i was able to export a lot of record in excel from client, now i can't do it because the defalut value probably is set to 16 MB as default, in fact in qv9 console i had to change it to 48 MB, it was the only way to permit to export so many records from clients.


      Do you know where can i find this parameter on qv11 publisher ? is there some workaround for it ?


      Thx a lot.