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    How to filter away rows in set analysis



      I have a straight table with a traffic light and some percentages. Some of my customers dont have any data so i write an ERROR in their trafficlight column - But cant i sort them out somehow?


      my expression is like this:


      =if(sum({<DateCleanLog={">=$(=Date(Today()-1))"}>}Rows) = 0, 'ERROR',((avg(aggr(sum({<DateCleanLog={"<$(=Date(Today()-1))"}, MonthYearLog={'feb-2014'}>}Rows),DateCleanLog,LogCustomerID)) -

      sum({<DateCleanLog={">=$(=Date(Today()-1))"}>}Rows)) /

      avg(aggr(sum({<DateCleanLog={"<$(=Date(Today()-1))"}, MonthYearLog={'feb-2014'}>}Rows),DateCleanLog,LogCustomerID)))*-1)


      Thanks in advance