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    calculated dimension

      why cannot i do this in a calculated dimension?


      =if(sum({<DateCleanLog={"=$(=Date(Today()-1))"}>} Rows) = 0, null(), LogCustomerID)


      so if there was no rows yesterday, then dont show logcustomerid, else show customerid  - why cnat i do so?

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          Nicole Smith

          Sum is an aggregation expression, and in order to use it in a dimension, it must be used within aggr(), so something like the following may work for you:

          =aggr(if(sum({<DateCleanLog={"=$(=Date(Today()-1))"}>} Rows)= 0, null(), LogCustomerID), LogCustomerID)

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            Alessandro Saccone

            Because when you perform the sum, the same sum is computed according specified dimensions so if you need something like the one you have written you must use Aggr function


            Hope it helps

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              Sunil Chauhan

              beacuse aggregate function we can use directly in dimension


              it will show you "Error in dimension"


              so for your expression to work you need to use aggr keyword available in qlikview


              if(aggr(sum({<DateCleanLog={"=$(=Date(Today()-1))"}>} Rows),LogCustomerID) = 0 ,null(), LogCustomerID)

              then it whould work

              basically aggr function used to group by some field  as is in ur example i have grouped your  expression of sum by


              hope this helps