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    Load VBS Script

      Hi all,

      i would like to create in my dashboard a Button related to a macro in order to load a qvd file.

      Can you please help me in writing the vbs script?




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          Clever Anjos

          It´s not a good idea loading a qvd trough a macro.

          Why don´t you use the ordinary way  by script?

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              I already created an ordinary loading script, but i have to find a way to load a huge excel file every month.

              My idea was to:

              • load the file in QV,
              • create the qvd file to store the information and to make them available for the next months
              • load the qvd file of some previous months, in case of historical analysis


              What do you think is the best solution to do this?

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                  I agree with cuv

                  Do you RAM or CPU problems ? or is just because you think that is the best way ?


                  Can't you use :

                  - partial reload (and you will reload this part only in case of partial reload)

                  - separate QVW that you will link: so the first application is small, the second bigger but used only when necessary

                  You can link the application with an Action Open QlikView Document and you can decide to transfer or not the state (selections made by user)