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    Do Dynamic CAL assignment apply for DOC CALS

    Vamshi Tataipelli



      I need a bit clarification regarding dynamic CAL assignment particularly for Doc CALs.


      For example, i have a document and 3 users need access to it. But they have only 2 Doc CALs. So, i give authorization to 3 users in User documents tab of the QEMC. Under Doc CALs, i have give 2 and checked the Allow dynamic CAL assignments.


      So, my question is if today 2 users have opened the document and after 24 hours if 3rd user opens the document, will the Doc CAL from 1st two users will automatically be freed and assigned to the 3rd user? Or do we need to do it manually?


      I didn't completely understand the use of allow dynamical license assignment.


      Can someone help me out in understanding this! Thanks in advance.