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    multiple years in line chart with range selection

    Thorsten Schröder

      Hello community,


      In a line chart I want to display the trend over multiple years plus a range selection the user can set.

      I have to distinguish between CalendarWeek and CalendarMonth. They are mutually exclusive so I show/hide them.


      I've concatenated Year &'-'& CalendarWeek AS YearWeek and Year &'-'& CalendarMonth AS YearMonth but  this doesn't work with the variable I use to select the range.


      SUM({<CalendarWeek={">=$(=Max(CalendarWeek)- ($(vSetCalendarRange)-1))<=$(=Max(CalendarWeek))"}>} Amount)


      Of course Max(YearWeek) doesn't return a value.


      What can I do to fix this so that the range selection works over more than one year?


      Thank you,