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    is there a way to warn that a user is already connected to AccessPoint

      Hi all,


      we are using QlikView 11 Small Business Edition on a basic configuration with the standard web server.and active directory authentication.

      In our windows workgroup we have set up a "guest" user for our visitors to access some business applications, including QlikView.


      visitor 1 connects with guest account and logs to AccessPoint, then opens a QV application. Fine.

      visitor 2 connects from another PC with same guest account and logs to AccessPoint. Fine. He opens the same QV application and starts navigation : no problem but visitor 1 gets disconnected and gets the "Connection lost" message, reconnects, which disconnects visitor 2 etc...


      What we are looking for is a way to prevent this by warning beforehand that the user "guest" is already in use on AccessPoint. Has anyone done that ?


      We have started to tweak the login form to add some javascript that would scan the QV log file to check if a document is opened by user guest, but we face some access right issues to open the file and could not solve it as the web server is not documented.