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    QlikView LoginPage

      Hi All
      I want to skip the login and password page of qlikview web server and directly let the client access the dashboards.
      I want to hardcode the login and password credentials.Can i do it?
      Please help
      Rohan Shetty

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          Bill Britt

          Hi Rohan,


          You have not given enough information to help with your question. If you are using Windows Authentication you can but the website into the Trusted Sites and it should pass the users ID.



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              Hi Bill,

              I am using Windows authentication.
              The requirement is If the client is logged in through a web application and he wants to see the dashboards developed in QlikView,I want to Streamline the User Id And Password Details(hardcode them for ease of use) and provvide him the Dashboards.
              Is It Possible in QlikView?