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    Selection in bookmarks does not work when new values arrive

      Here is what happens:


      1. User selects "Exclude selection" to filter down a certain list to show all values except few that he/she is not interested in.
      2. User creates a bookmark for this selection.
      3. New data set is added and the list now has more values.
      4. When user selects the same bookmark, the values that are excluded are the ones that we intentionally don't want AND the ones that are new to the list.


      We have many users in the system so using code for each bookmark is out of question.


      This is only needed for "exclude selected".


      Desired outcome:

      List shows all values (including new ones) except the ones that the user initially excluded.


      Help needed:

      What can be done so that selections that are in bookmark go through the same steps again rather than just show the selections that were bookmarked. What should/can the user do differently to get the desired outcome.