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    GoogleMaps and Qlikview

    David Young

      I have a questions about GoogleMaps and QlikView.  Has anyone recently done anything with GoogleMaps that care share how it is done.  Second and most important is what I would like to do is the county I live in has 170 School Systems and I have the following information:


      Location Name: Adams Elementary

      Address - 805 Cary Towne Blvd

      City - Cary

      State - NC

      ZipCode - 27511


      What I would like to do is to have that information linked to a latitude and longitude degrees.  I would need to render the data based on Address,City, State because I would love to show it at the street level.  The other thing I was wondering is can you use three different pins one for each of the types of schools.  Elementary, Middle, High School. 


      Any help on this would be awesome.



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          whiteline _



          Getting the lat/long by address is not directly relative to QV. But you can try to use geocoder webservice (google maps or so) directly from load script and store the coordinates. Read the Google Geocoding API online help.

          After that, there are plenty of examples (with and without extensions) how to take some benefits from geo data with googlemaps.

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            Massimo Grossi

            first question

            search for google-maps-address-data in the Community or look at the attachment as a working example for getting coordinates from address


            second question

            I think you can get different color for each type of school; change the backgroun color of first expression of your google map chart (scatter)depending on school type