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    Comparing 2 Qlikview date fields with different formate

      Hi All,

      My issue is this:

      I have 2 different date fields:

           one is "DateOnly" and is used as my calender

           the other is "date_created" which is an attribute of a campaign.


      I would like to create a table of "new campaigns".

      In order to achieve that I have to compare between the two formats, so that I could get result for an expression such as:

      =if(Date(DateOnly)=Date(date_created), count (Distinct campaign_id)


      Attached is my QVW where you can see in 2 listboxes my 2 fields (as Date(fieldName)).

      In addition you can see a "test table" where I try to compare the two unsuccessfully.


      If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

      Thank you so much