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    QlikView Server 11.20 SR5 and OpenLDAP

      I'm having troubles configuring the DSC to work properly with an OpenLDAP server whit the memberOf attribute enabled.


      In the console, the users tab shows correctly users and groups, but when I try to authorize an user to a document, the list is empy. In the DSC log shows the following:


      19/02/2014 15:33:43.7491211 Information (GenericLDAP.GenericLDAPProvider) Setting domainname to TESTSRV

      19/02/2014 15:33:46.5103260 Information Start web service call CheckNames

      19/02/2014 15:33:46.5103260 Information Start web service call ResolveGroups for user TESTSRV\testuser1

      19/02/2014 15:33:46.5103260 Information (GenericLDAP.GenericLDAPItem) Looking up memberof for node testuser1

      19/02/2014 15:33:46.5259260 Information (GenericLDAP.GenericLDAPItem) No memberof attribute found, aborting search

      19/02/2014 15:33:46.5259260 Information Resolved 0 groups for TESTSRV\testuser1:


      However, debugging the queries in the LDAP server I see that QVS is not trying to get the memberOf attribute explicitly and I wonder if that could be the problem.


      Does anyone have experience configuring OpenLDAP to work with QVS 11.20 SR5?


      Thank you very much!