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    IF statement conflict/error in script



      Please find hereby a file containing a script with two IF statements.

      When loading the script the system returns the error:  Invalid Expression.

      That is where I need your help to understand what is going wrong.


      The same statements in a straight chart work like a charm.


      Many thanks in advance.









           [Contract Nr] as Contract,   

           [Contract Line] as [Contract Item],

           [Contract Nr] &'-'&[Contract Line]&'-'&%Equipment_EQUNR&'-'&ContractStartDate&'-'&ContractEndDate as [Contract num & item & eqp & dates],

           ContractStartDate as [Contract Start Date],

           ContractEndDate as [Contract End Date],

           If(((Date(MonthStart([ContractStartDate]),'MMM YYYY')-(max(ContractEndDate)))<90) and ((Date(MonthStart([ContractStartDate]),'MMM YYYY')-(max(ContractEndDate)))>0),1,0) as InRange,

           if((MonthStart(ContractStartDate)=(monthstart(Date(MonthStart([ContractStartDate]),'MMM YYYY')))),1,0) as Renewed,

           ContractStartDate-ContractEndDate as [Dif cont start & end],

           Year([ContractStartDate]) as [Contract Start Year],

           Month([ContractStartDate]) as [Contract Start Month],

           Date(MonthStart([ContractStartDate]),'MMM YYYY') as MonthYear,

           [Contract Type] as Contract_type_Test, //ZWAR-WV   

           %SerialLink_ContractItemKey as %Contract_notif_key,    

           [Contract Mat] as [Contract Material],

        if(SubStringCount([Contract Mat], 'EXT') > 0, 'Extended Warranty cont.',

        ApplyMap('Contract_type_map', [Contract Type])) as [Contract Type],

           [Sales Org._VKORG] as [Contract Sales Org] 

      //     Item_POSNV,

      //     Description_KTEXT,

      //     Item_VPOSN,

      //     %SerialLink_ObjDataKey,

      //     %SerialLink_ContractItemKey,




      Working in chart:


      =If((($(vMonthYear)-(max([Contract End DateWV])))<90) and (($(vMonthYear)-(max([Contract End DateWV])))>0),1,0)

      =if((MonthStart([Contract Start DateWV])=(monthstart($(vMonthYear)))),1,0)


      variable vMonthYear = MonthYear