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    Governance Dashboard reload Task failiure with Publisher

    Ashwin Rego

      Hi All,

      Only the governance dashboard task is failing after I split services on two virtual server machines.  I have the following setup:

      Server 1 = QVS, QVWS.  The Governance Dashboard, other source documents, and Accesspoint folder reside on this server

      Server 2 = QMS, QDS, DSC

      Ideally, I think the source folder should be on the same server with QDS. In this case I am doing some testing and I did not want to move all the documents over and kept them on server 1. The only thing I moved over to server 2 was the QVPR to keep all the created tasks.

      I have checked all the paths in the QMC and they are UNC mapped to server 1 for QDS and QVS. Also, the configuration paths in the governance document are UNC mapped to the servers. Manual reoad of the governance document works fine and is reading logs from both servers.

      I am using v1.1 of Governance Dashboard and server SR5. When I run the task from QMC I get a document failed log file on Server 1 (in the governance folder) and task log file (in QDS folder) on server 2. So at least I know it is getting to the document.

      All the  other reload tasks seem to work fine. Only the Governance Dashboard is failing...any ideas?

      Thanks for the help!