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    IE8 AJAX performance QV10 vs QV11

    Colin Hancox

      Hi all


      I have a client who is currently on QlikView 10 and is reluctant to upgrade to QlikView 11 based on posts such as this - Re: 11.2 SR3 and IE8 very slow - which state that QlikView 11 has poor AJAX client performance in Internet Explorer 8.


      Unfortunately they are tied into IE8 because of certain web apps, so upgrading the browser company wide is not an option.


      Can anyone tell me whether performance issues on IE8 are an issue with the AJAX client in general, regardless of the QlikView version, or whether there are QlikView 11 specific issues that would be reason not to upgrade.  If their users are not currently experiencing performance issues on IE8 with QlikView 10, then should they expect the same performance with QlikView 11?



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          John Houston

          Hi Colin,


          Unfortunately there are issues running QVS 11 AJAX on IE8.


          IE8 was developed by Microsoft prior to the advent of HTML5.

          I believe that QlikView 11 and up uses HTML5 and thus the poor performance with IE8.


          If you cannot get the browser upgraded then try to get the Client to use another browser like Chrome or Firefox. (11.2 works well with Chrome).

          Using another browser or upgrading IE will produce a big improvement in response.



          John H