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    Gauge settings


      I am using Straight table. In my expression, If my sum value is between 90 to 100, the traffic light gauge should be in green color. If the value is between 100 to 105, it should be in yellow color and if the value is greater than 105, the color should be red.Please help me out, on solving this problem.

      I am not sure, what to give for gauge settings (min, max, Lower).


        • Gauge settings
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          You need to uncheck "Autowidth Segments" first, then add your desired values in the "Segments Setup" box.

          Your lower will be 90 (Apparently), and Segment 1's lower bound should be 90, Segment 2's lower bound should be 100, and Segment 3's lower bound should be 105.

          Your max will be the upper bound of your data, whether that's 105, 110, or some expression.


          Hope this helps!

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              Hi Jason,

              I tried the way you suggested but the LED light was off.

              < 50 --- Green Color

              >50 and < 70 --- Red Color

              > 70 --- Yellow Color

              I unchecked the "Autowidth Segments'. I assigned Segment1 (lower bound=0), green, Segment2 (Lower Bound=50), yellow and Segment3 (Lower Bound=70), red color. But this seem not to work. Do I have to include anything else.