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    Pie chart visualization problem in grid container

    Filip Larsson



      I have a quite strange problem.. I want to put some of my pie charts in a container object. Well, it works fine if the container has a single object type, but I want to display them as a grid (2 x 3 chart). The problem is that the pie in the object disappears when the chart is placed in the container, and I can't find it, although I could see and adjust the labels size in the pie chart object by pressing Ctrl+Shift. I haven't experienced the problem that the chart itself disappear on any other chart type in a container object. It even doesn't matter how big/small the pie is before including it to the container.


      Anybody know any trick to find the pie? :-)


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi Filip,

          the size of the charts included in the container depend on the size of the container as a whole, because in grid style the container is divided in equal parts as you define in Presentation tab (Columns and Rows). Do you try to increase the heigth and the width of the container? If yes, and the issue continues, it's necessary focus on the original pie chart: it maybe depends on how much spaces the pie fills relative to the other parts of the chart (title and legend), so you can work through Ctrl+Shift (as you written above) to widen the space for the pie. If you can't get the original pie chart, go to the General tab of the container and remove it from the list of Object displayed, as result you will see the pie chart in the same sheet outside the container.

          As example I attach a container 2x3 with a pie chart

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            Massimo Grossi

            in some situation, the 2 buttons Reset User Sizing and Reset User Docking (bottom left) on the first tab chart, "General", can help you