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    Naming of files in QDF



      Most files and folders are prefixed by a number in QDF. For example: "3.ConnString". This is not a problem for folders which are anyway referenced by variables, but for files such as locales or subs it is quite difficult to remember "1.FileExists.qvs" instead of just "FileExists.qvs" when you write new scripts.

      I was wondering why this is the case? Could a future version be without these numbers for files.




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          If the file name is always preceded by a number and then a '.', then you can use subfield(FileName,'.',2) to strip out the last part you need.





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            Magnus Berg

            Hi Krzysztof, you do not need to use the numbers on your own applications and scripts. The ideas of using number series are several. The first one is that folders and files together an index so that documentation and tagging becomes easy. Example 1.HR\1.Application\3.HR-app\1.qvdloader.qvw could also be referenced as in publisher tasks and documentation. The number series is also seen as a differentiator between custom code and built in QDFcode in the sub function library. There is also a new sub function in development that will identify global variables on the number serie and use the name after "dott" as the variable name.

            A tips: In the latest release there is a sub function named 99.loadall.qvs if you add a include statement to this file in Shared folders Custom.qvs, all the built functions will be loaded into all applications by default and you do not need the includes in the applications any longer. hope this helps?

            Best regards