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    Minimum RAM requirement

    Suman Dhar

      RAM size-16 GB


      Application size -600 MB

      Concurrent user-20

      License allocated for this application-80


      remaining 220 user accessing application size(300MB)


      Please let me know what could be the minimum RAM size  for the above request.


      The below formula could be difficult for me to understand


      Need help if possible



      RAM = (RAM


      user × No. users) + RAMinitial






      initial = QVWsizedisk × FileSizeMultiplier; this is the initial RAM footprint for any application


      user =〖RAMinitial × userRAMratio; this is the RAM each incremental user consumes






      = SourceData × (1 - CompressionRatio); this is the size, on disk, of a QlikView file