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    Rollback from QV 11.2 SR5 to 11.0 SR2

      Hi guys,


      For a test purpose, I have installed QVserver 11.2 SR5 (single machine).Now i want to go back to 11.0 SR2, so i uninstalled 11.2 SR5 and then installed again 11.0 SR2. The problem is i'm getting some issues with the ManagementService. When i checked the log, i notice this error:


      Found database version:

      05/03/2014 17:08:34.9825052    Error    Fatal error occurred while initializing repository. System.Exception: Can not use selected database because it is a future version 11.20

         at QMSBackendDDL.Config.CreateAndPatchDatabase()

         at QMSBackendInterface.QMSBackend.StartupRepository(Int32 rootLogID, String newConnectionString)


      Any idea how can i fix this?