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    SSL Activation and Windows server 2012

    Jared Papador

      I have found a lot of documentation out there on creating a certificate for Windows Server 2008 and 2003 for use with Webserver or IIS, is there any out there setting up SSL on a Windows 2012 machine.  Again, either for Webserver or IIS?

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          Jeffrey Goldberg

          This may not be overly helpful, but it appears the documentation you have for configuring with Windows 2008 may work with Windows 2012.  Netsh is still available in windows 2012 (fire up powershell to pull it up) and certificates snap in is available through administrative tools.


          I haven't tested if the same directions you have found already will work, but given that the tool sets are still there I suspect they will.  When I have a chance to test, I'll add to this thread.  If you move forward, please let me know how it goes and what issues you run into (hopefully none!)

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            Bill Britt



            I have test it and the same setup you would do on a 2008 server works on 2012.