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    Fixing infinite scrolling

      We created a document extension that adds a banner to our QV document which works fine. It uses jQuery to add an html element to before the toolbar. However, this causes the qv document to have infinite scrolling.


      Is there a way to fix this?

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          Alexander Karlsson

          QV will calculate it's viewport based on the toolbar, tabrow and body. When you introduce another element to the page a certain part will always be off screen and those causing infinite scrolling.


          An easy fix to the issue is to not append your banner to the body but instead as the first element of the toolbar.

          $('#QvAjaxToolbar').prepend('<div>This wont cause scroll issues</div>')


          And if you are interested in the details, this is Qva.ResizeBody which fires everytime you scroll,


          Qva.ResizeBody = function() {
            var h = $(document),
            g = Math.min(document.documentElement.clientHeight + $(window).scrollTop(), h.height()),
            b = Math.min(document.documentElement.clientWidth + $(window).scrollLeft(), h.width()),
            f = $(document.getElementById("MainContainer")),
            c = $(Qva.GetToolbarElement()),
            a = $(document.getElementById("Tabrow")),
            d = document.body.scrollWidth;
            if (c[0] && a[0]) {
            f.css("height", Math.max(0, Number(g - c.outerHeight(true) - a.outerHeight(true) - 1)));
            if (IS_TOUCHENABLED) {
            c.css("width", d);
            a.css("width", d)
            } else {
            c.css("width", b);
            a.css("width", b)
            if (IS_TOUCHENABLED) {
            } else {
            $("body").css("width", b).css("height", g)
            } if (Qva.GetBinder() && Qva.GetBinder().BackgroundMgr) {