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    URL Encode / Decode

    Al McEwan

      Hi All


      We are hitting a challenge when linking to a QlikView application from another Web Portal. What we want is to publish a URL on a Web Portal, that links to a QlikView application on QlikView Server. We are using QlikView Web Server without IIS.


      The problem is faced when the QlikView application has a space in its name. (Which is a good thing to avoid the name being techie.) For example, "Sales Compass". In the HTML standards that I have browsed, a space is most often encoded into %20. For example, "Sales%20Compass". QlikView Web Server handles this by decoding into a space. However, the Web Portal we are using does not encode the space into %20, instead it encodes space into + (a plus). For example, "Sales+Compass". And in the HTML standards I have read that should be acceptable. QlikView Web Server does not decode a + into a space.


      We have tried setting the URL on the Web Portal to have the space already encoded, for example, "Sales%20Compass", but the Web Portal further encodes the %20 into %2520, for example, "Sales%2520Compass".


      Does anyone know if we can configure QlikView Web Server to decode a + into a space?