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    Hide all document on Access Point, but those that have named user assigned.

    Sergey Pinchuk

      Dear Community,


      Is there a way to hide all user documents on access point by default and only display user documents that have named user assigned to the document?


      Let's say I want a user to see only his document on Access Point. If I assign that user as a "Named users" within distribution task of the publisher and run the distribution task - all works fine and the user can see the document on Access Point.


      But he can also see other documents on Access Point that do not have a distribution task created for in publisher - and this is my issue.


      I do not want to create a distribution task for every document in Access Point - some are just generic demos.


      Is there another way to hide all documents from the user that don't have the user explicitly assigned?


      Thank you!

      (P.S. I have Active Directory security Ntlm authentication)