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    Reloading qvw much slower when using Autonumber

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hello QlikView addicts,


      I have a relative large qvw (4 gb without compression) and a fact table with 120.000.000 records.

      The reload duration of the qvw takes around 40 minutes.


      To connect the dimension tables with the fact tables I use composed keys that are quite large. See the example below.

      '$(vStoreRowPrefix)' & '-' & [Store No_] & '-' &  [POS Terminal No_] & '-' & [Transaction No_].


      It was time to created some modifications to the qvw so I thought I will also add Autonumbers to the dashboard.

      Autonumber('$(vStoreRowPrefix)' & '-' & [Store No_] & '-' &  [POS Terminal No_] & '-' & [Transaction No_], 'header')


      The size of the qvw did became much smaller but that reload time is greatly increased!

      The reload duration is now about 2 hours.


      Is this a normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?


      Thanks in advance for all the help