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    List Box selection issue


      There is one time period list box.

      There are 2 values in it : Current, Previous.

      Requirement is Current should be always selected  and user should also be able to select both current and previous at a time.

      Find the attached screen shot for the list box.


      Is there any solution for this??

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          Hi Priya


          There are two ways I can think of to get around the problem.


          1) set a trigger on the field, so that when it changes, current re-selects again

          You can set actions to occur when a field changes. Go to settings -> document properties and the "triggers" tab. Then select the time selection field under "field event triggers".


          In the "on select" and "on change" add actions dialogue, you could set the field to still select "current" again, no matter what has been selected!


          2) create a related field, that has "only one selected value in it"

          You need to create a new table in the script, with two columns - one is the time_selected field, the other is the "dummy" field that we will set to one selected value

          Time_selected      Dummy

          Current               A

          Current                  B


          Load this is in as an inline load, create a list box in the app and select "A", then set the properties to "only one selected value". Then hide this list box!


          Current is linked to A; as this field doesn't change then it will always be seleted (but will not always appear green)



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            Burkhard Veidl

            Yes, priya, this is possible.

            Please make a selection in this list box e. g. 'Current'. Then go to 'Properties' and mark the 'Only One Selected Value' check box. When you close the 'Properties' tab you will see that always one field is selected. In order to make this field to 'Current' open the 'Sheet Properties' menu and go to 'Triggers'. Click on 'Add Action(s)' and then on 'Add', 'Action Type': Selection and 'Action': Select in Field. Click on 'Ok'. For 'Field' type in Time Period and for 'Search String' type in 'Current'. Click on 'Ok' twice.

            Now whenever this sheet will be opened / activated the Current Time Period is selected and the user can also add Previous to the selection.


            Hope this helps



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              Sudeep Mahapatra

              If you want to use it like a radio button then

              1. you select either Current or Previous in your list box

              2. then go to List box Properties > General > select check box "Always One selected value"


              In the above case end user can only select any one value at a time. Please take a look at the example attached.

              1. In this case the Current Selection box will always shows the Field

              2. You can not Clear the field value if you have selected "Always One selected value"

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                sunil kumar

                Hi priya

                Please follow steps

                For Current value you should select and then

                1. Go to listbox properties-General tab

                2. Always one selected value check it