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    General Script Error caused by group where concatenation

      While developing a QlikView report I came across a "general script error" caused by a WHERE clause in a grouped load. It's reproducable using the script pasted below. If I enable logging, the logfile does not contain any more details as to why this error is thrown.


      Have I encountered a bug, or is there a logical reason why this shouldn't work?


      In the meanwhile I've found a workaround by first constructing a second NoConcatenate table, which I then later concatenate and drop in consecutive separate statements.




      LOAD * INLINE [

      FactRowNo, Factor

      1, 0.5

      1, 0.3

      2, 1

      3, 0.9




      Concatenate (Tab1)


        1-SUM(Factor) As Factor,



        1-SUM(Factor) > 0

      GROUP BY


      LOAD * RESIDENT Tab1;




      10/03/2014 11:37:56:       General Script Error

      10/03/2014 11:37:56:       Execution Failed

      10/03/2014 11:37:56:      Execution finished.