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    Making Dynamic Mapping Tables

      Hello all,


      Any input will be appreciated

      I have a table where there are 3 column:



      ID          Brand     Rank

      1             a            1

      1             b            3

      1             c            2

      2             a            4

      2             b            7

      3             a            1

      3             b            5


      I was using this code:


      Load *,

      Resident Rank

      where Brand = 'a';



      Load *,

      Resident Rank

      where Brand = 'b';



      Load *,

      Resident Rank

      where Brand = 'c';


      Therefore I was hardcoding and filtering the tables according to brand. Is there any way that I can make it dynamic? Let's say in the future they add new brand, the table will be generated automatically.