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    Vertical Text on Column sizing issue



      Having some trouble with the formatting of a pivot table, please see attached for screenshots of the issue i'm having.


      The problem i'm having is that the sizing of a the vertical text on column header is too long!


      In the options i have seleceted --> Presentation - vertical text on columns tick box. There is only one expression in the table and that is an if statement that either shows 1, or if there is a booking it will show information about that booking by way of concatenating a number of dimensions together. The reason i do that is it means when a user hovers over it will display this useful information.


      The problem I'm having is that for every extra dimension i concatenate it make the vertical text column longer and as a result as you can see in the screenshot it make the table unusable.


      Do you have any idea how i can either just resize this column, or if there is another solution to this problem.