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    Problem with Set Analysis

      Guys, I am using this expression for set analysis:


      =num#(SUM({<[UNIQUE_FLAG]={1}, [Status Claim] -={Cancelled}>}([Total Approved])*[Rate]),'USD #,##0.00', '.',',')


      I use this expression to my map bubble size


      Problem occurs that this expressions gets the total approved of all years, and I want only for the year selected... I have this other field called "YEAR", and I want it added to this expression... so, lets suppose:


      YEARTotal Approved



      So, When I pick one year, for example, 2011, it gets for me a ratio 20:150 and distribute the points in the map. I would like to get only that 20 and distribute in the map, not the ratio...


      I am using the open street map extension attached...


      Can someone help me out on this matter, pelase?