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    SVG Reader: Unable to select Region Dimenion

      I have downloaded the SVG reader extension (brianwmunz/svgReader-QV11 · GitHub). The sample files of Sweden and USA work fine, and I can change any options from the chart properties.


      However when I create a new workbook and add an SVG object plus some dummy data, the background maps work fine but I am unable to choose a 'Region ID' as the option is simply greyed out (see screenshot). If I click the gears icon to the right of the Region ID field, the Dimension field is also greyed out and unusable. All other fields are


      To rule out the data being the problem, I tried extracting the sample data from the working examples and loading this, and also tried also some inline loads but I get the same issue in all cases.


      I'm probably missing something obvious here - any suggestions?