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    Shared Files in Multi-Server Environment

    Brent Nichol

      While upgrading to a new version of QlikView Server, I've pointed 2 Server running different versions of QVS at the same folder structure.


      I've noticed that I can see Server Objects created in the previous version, on the version 11.2 server.  Once, the document is opened on the 11.2 server by anyone, it is no longer visible on previous version server.  The document is being opened using the same IE plug-in version in both.


      I know this is not the ideal situation, and I should have separated the environments, but I have hundreds of  documents to migrate and wanted to do avoid a big bang migration.


      The bookmarks, selection boxes and tables work fine, it's just the charts that have an issue.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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          Bill Britt



          This is never a good idea. I do hope you have backup copies of your .share files. You need to point the old server to the a new share and move the QVWs and the backup copies of the .share files there. This should have give you more issue being you have two systems (non-cluster) trying to read the same PGO files.