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    Embedding QlikView dashboards in ASP.NET / Javascript website

      Hi guys,


      My company uses QlikView internally and we currently display some QlikView dashboards in our ASP.NET application using an iframe with WebTicket Authentication.


      Now we would like to move away from using an iframe and have the QlikView dashboards embedded in our ASP.NET web pages. What are our options here?


      Ideally we would like to integrate with Javascript directly as this would be a better fit for our needs (SPA like web application, HTML5, responsive, etc), but we can also use ASP.NET web controls and render the pages server side.


      From the docs, I see there are 2 candidates:


      - Workbench SDK

      - Javascript API


      Are these 2 options correct for our use case, and is the Javascript API a good option here? Any major things to consider in either approach?