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    Set Analysis Modier Question

    Martha Thompson

      Hi All....

      I'm working on a Scorecard application. There are two tables: Metrics and CRMTransactions. They are linked by MetricId.

      I have a straight table with Metric ID as a dimension. For one of my calculations I need to count transactions for a metric and divide them by the count of a different metric. It seems like this should be an easy calculation with set analysis but I can't seem to get it right. Here's my expression:

      If(MetricId=5,count({$<CRMTranYear={$(=varYear)}>} CRMRecSource / count({$<MetricId={2}>}CRMRecSource))

      I have tested the numerator portion of this equation and it returns the expected value. The denominator portion only returns zero when I test it by itself.

      For Metric 5 how do count all of Metric 2 records to use as the denominator of my equation?

      Thanks in advance, this has me stumped.