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    Static Min/Max Axes on Scatter Chart - even with selection



      I have created a scatter chart with each axis representing a score of 0-5. I would like these axes to remain static, even when a selection is made, as the background image is static.


      I have two issues at the moment:


      1. As shown in the below image, the x-axis goes through 6 and the y-axis does not display the 5. How can I adjust this? Altering static min/max seems to have no effect. I've also tried to enter =max([field]) and =min([field]) with no luck.



      2. When I select a certain point on the graph, the axes change, as shown in the below. I would also like the axes to remain static 0-5 when a selection is made (for the sake of the background image).


      Thank you very much in advance for your input.