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    SAP OLAP Connector. Limit data by attribute

    Максим Рыбалко



      I use SAP olap connector and my query is something like that:


        Select PseudoMDX (
      Dimensions (
        [/CPMB/B7D1SE9] ([2/CPMB/B7D1SE9], [4/CPMB/B7D1SE9], [2/CPMB/B7PZEXQ], [2/CPMB/B7P5WTV], [2/CPMB/B7P4BQT], [2/CPMB/B7P1O5P], [2/CPMB/B7P51UP]),
        [/CPMB/B7D6XTT] ([2/CPMB/B7D6XTT], [4/CPMB/B7D6XTT]),
        [/CPMB/B7DM168] ([2/CPMB/B7DM168], [4/CPMB/B7DM168]),
        [/CPMB/B7DM41D] ([2/CPMB/B7DM41D], [4/CPMB/B7DM41D]),
        [/CPMB/B7DNFN3] ([2/CPMB/B7DNFN3], [4/CPMB/B7DNFN3]),
        [/CPMB/B7DUVRF] ([2/CPMB/B7DUVRF], [4/CPMB/B7DUVRF]),
        [/CPMB/B7DVO82] ([2/CPMB/B7DVO82], [4/CPMB/B7DVO82]),
        [/CPMB/B7DZC8T] ([2/CPMB/B7DZC8T], [4/CPMB/B7DZC8T])),
      Slices (
        [/CPMB/B7DVO82].[A_PL_010101], [/CPMB/B7DVO82].[A_PL_010102]),
      Measures (
        [0MEASURES0000000000000000].[/CPMB/SDATA00000000000000]), //SignData
      From ($/CPMB/B7MMLPI));



      Now I need to select just records having attribute [2/CPMB/B7P51UP] = D


      I tried to add slice [2/CPMB/B7P51UP].[D] but it does not work.