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    Average functions

    Peter Thornton

      Hello, I've only just started working with QlikView this week as the company I work for is transitioning to it from Cognos and Excel.


      We currently have a customer segmentation model built in Excel which I would like to replicate in QlikView.


      Where I'm struggling is calculating average gross sales for our customer base as a whole.


      I have a straight table that looks like this:


      Location_IDGross SalesGross MarginN. SKUs purchasedAverage SKUs purchased Average gross sales


      I'm struggling to fill the last two columns with the data I want for subsequent calculations. The last two columns should contain the same number all the way from the top to the bottom. Average SKUs in the example above would be 5.25 and Average gross sales would be 2.


      What function should I be using and how should I be scripting it? Is it a variation on Aggr?


      Thanks for your help,