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    Group by 2 fields and include additional columns on the same row.

    Anders Billfors

      See the included QVW file for full description of my question along with an inline table with sample data.


      Basically what I want to do is group the rows by Id and Tstamp and see the properties assigned_to, assignment_group and state on every row.

      If the properties did not change on that grouped timestamp I want the fields to contain a null value instead..

      Like for example on the Id 2 and Tstamp 2014-03-06 15:14:33 the only thing that changed was the state, meaning assigned_to and assignment_group are null.


      I've had issues to show the three properties on every "group by" and if I group by all of the fields I get additional fields with the same timestamp and I don't want that.


      I hope my problem makes sense to anyone and check out the included file for a deeper explaination of the "workflow" I had in mind.