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    assist with visual Representation

    Lorna Louw

      hello all,


      I have some HR data regarding positions, the salaries that people get and then an industry standard for these type of positions


      An additional field was added, Performance Band...this goes with the position - different levels of seniority per position.


      In effect, I want to see in a scatter chart, how the salaries 'measure' up to Industry Salaries.

      if their is a big difference (Salary much higher than Industry), it can be motivated if the person has a high (senior) Performance Band....


      The Scatter chart having sum(Salary) and sum(Industry Salary)..probably 'Position' as Dimension.


      1. my first guess is that Sums need to be aggregated using Performance band?

      2. is there a better way of making this kind of variance obvious? (using some statistical function of whatever?)


      I attach a copy of the data file....