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    Restrict Access to Tabs in a Dashboard and clear

    Andrew Henry

      Hello everyone I have 2 questions.


      1st question is regarding I am guessing Section Access.  How would I setup restriction to a Dashboard that I created 10 tabs for each department and I only want them to view their department and the CEO and CFO is able to see the whole document.  I know I technically could create dashboards for each person but I would like to keep it all in 1 dashboard.


      2nd question is regarding another dashboard we have and I have 2 tables sets the do not tie to each other.  I was wonder if I could create 2 clear buttons.  One is for our financial Sheet and the other is tied to our Line of credit.  Each one I placed on their own tab thinking I could create 2 clear buttons that are independent of each tab and corresponding ""tables.


      Thank you all for you help!