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    Adding state identifiers changes count values

    Nick Listerman

      I want to apologize ahead of time for the text explanation without a file sample.  Tough to make a sample and can't share actual data.


      I have WeekStateA and WeekStateB, both are week selections so I can compare the volume of incidents created for a product, region, and business unit between the weeks.


      Instead of creating product, region, and business unit list boxes for each state, I added some identifiers to the expression in an attempt to filter based on inherited state selections.


      This was my count expression (calculating deltas for product, region, business unit based on State A and State B date selections):

      Count(Distinct {WeekStateB} Incident_Number) - Count(Distinct {WeekStateA} Incident_Number)


      This works great when I am looking at the data without any selections made on the inherited state but when I select a product in the inherited state (by clicking the product name in a chart) region and business unit do not change.  So I added identifiers to allow the selection of a product, region, business unit in inherited state:

      Count(Distinct {WeekStateB <Product=$::Product,Region=$::Region,BU=$::BU>} Incident_Number) - Count(Distinct {WeekStateA <Product=$::Product,Region=$::Region,BU=$::BU>} Incident_Number)


      As soon as I add identifiers to filter the data in both states, my values start changing w/o any selections made on the inherited state.  Am I using the wrong identifiers or something?