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    MYOB into Qlikview


      I have been trying to work out how I can get a database that sits behind MYOB into Qlikview so that I can start making a dashboard based on the data.


      My question is, does MYOB simply have a .mdb or .accdb file I can connect via ODBC to Qlikview?

      I have tried searching around for some advice on this but might be barking up the wrong tree with my searches.


      I am using MYOB Accounting and Qlikview 11


      Any help would be absolutely brilliant.



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          Hey Will,


          Answered in person already, for others tackling this problem:

          Assuming you've created installed the MYOB odbc drivers, if you go to odbcad32 (Under windows/system32) and add a new myob odbc connection and point it to your .myo file. This should then show up in Qlikview when you add a new ODBC connection string.