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    not able to display CY label ?

      Hi All


      I have the QV doc , i try to display CY label using below expression :-


      =''&Column5& ' '


      it does not work.





      LOAD * INLINE [

          M_Close/MTD, Column3, Column4, Column5



        YTD_Mth_Closd,YTD,LY_YTD,Month Closed



        YTD_Mth_To_Date,YTD_Flag,LY_YTD_Flag,Month To Date



        LQTD (Mth To Date),QTD_Flag,LQTD_Flag,LQTD-MTD

        LYQTD (Mth To Date),QTD_Flag,LYQTD_Flag,LYQTD-MTD





      Above is the load script for CY label.