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    Cluster: Dedicte one server for one document

    Gustav Gager


      I have acustomer that have serverl smaller applications and one HUGE 20GB+. As long as the noone open the big document, everything is fine., Bur as soon as the bog one gets opend, performance for all the other users gets terrible.


      Makeing the huge application smaller is not an option and keep adding resources to he server is not an option either. So im thinking of clustering. But then i ahve one Question.

      Is there a way to dedicate the guge appllication to a specific node in the cluster, and the other documents to the other server?

      There is a way to make users open the document on the server that has already opend it, but that way this application can be opend on any of the servers when it opends the first time.


      Is it possible to do this? And if not, what can you do?