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    DATE/TIME LAST SCRIPT RUN | Qlik Community

      Hello qlikaddicts,

      I'm having some difficulties using ReloadTime(). The function is always returning 30-12-1899 and I can't figure out why. Data has been successfuly loaded.
      Im using QV v11.2 SR4 64bits. Any help would be appreciated. 
      Best regards, Diogo.

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          I'm not experiencing this problem anymore but I'll leave some comments for others.

          So, I've been searching around and it seems that ReloadTime() only works for "-prj" folder projects, until you close your QVW. After that, ReloadTime() fuction returns the minimum date (30-12-1899).


          Anyway, my workaround for this was pretty simple. I edited my LoadScript and declared the following variable:


          LET vLastDataReload = date(now(1));

          //You can try it out without "date()"; just use "now(1)";


          Now, I use my variable instead of ReloadTime().