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    Creation of Schema Question

      Hi All!


      Just a question regarding creating the schema in Qlikview. I have this kind of table:




      I have a reference table (Product Reference Table) and I need to connect it to the 2 detail tables. The thing is, the reference table is also one of the filters so I did not left join the reference table to the details. How am I going to achieve this? The product reference table consist of the product code and the product description. How am I gonna connect it without having a circular problem on my source.


      Thank you in advance.



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          Rohit Koul

          Hi Donna,


          you can simply load the "product reference table" twice by changing its column name or using Qualify statements like





          [product code] as PCDetail_code1

          [roduct description] as PCDetail_description1

          and connect it with left side of Detail table.

          then load againg the same "product reference table" with



          [product code] as PCDetail2

          [roduct description] as PCDetail_description2

          and connect it with left side of Detail table.

          i assume "product code" will be the PK in "Detail Table" to connect with "product reference table" so rename

          "product code"  to "PCDetail_code1"  and "PCDetail_code2" receptively in there table to connect with  "product reference table"

          hope it was helpful

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            Colin Albert

            Can you use concatenate to merge the header tables to a single table with some common fields and then concatenate the detail tables to have a common product key but different measures. This will simplify the associations.